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Black Pearl World Map Waterproof Watch

  • €149.99
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Are you trying to find the coordinates of a location that doesn't have an address? Move the map and tap to drop the pin anywhere.

Boîtier : 36mm


Épaisseur du boîtier : 7 mm

Couleur du boîtier : plaqué or rose 18 carats

Matériau : acier inoxydable 316l

Sangle : bande de maille réglable

Mouvement : quartz japonais Seiko VJ20

Batterie : incluse

Étanche : 5 ATM Nos produits ne se décolorent, ne ternissent ou ne perdent jamais leur couleur, même lorsqu'ils sont exposés à la sueur et à la chaleur, sous la douche, à la mer ou à la piscine. Alors vivez votre aventure !

Garantie : 24 mois

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Black Pearl World Map: A Journey Into the Depths of Mystery

In the depths of the night, where shadows dance and dreams take flight, the Black Pearl World Map watch emerges as a symbol of intrigue and elegance. With its sleek black case and dial crafted from genuine black mother-of-pearl, it exudes a sense of mystery and allure.

Imagine gazing into the depths of the night sky, where the stars twinkle like diamonds against a backdrop of ebony. Now, envision the intricate lines of the world map etched in rose gold upon the dark canvas of the mother-of-pearl dial, each detail a testament to the beauty found in the depths of mystery.

As you wear the Black Pearl World Map watch, you carry with you the spirit of exploration and the thrill of the unknown. With every step you take, you're reminded that life is an adventure waiting to unfold, and every moment is an opportunity to discover something new.

Let the Black Pearl World Map watch be your guide as you journey into the depths of mystery and intrigue, a silent companion on your quest for discovery and enlightenment. Together, you explore the hidden corners of the world, where every shadow holds a secret and every path leads to a new adventure.

Case: 36 mm

Dial: Real Black mother of pearl

Case Thickness: 7 mm

Case Colour: 18k plated Gold Rose

Material: 316l Stainless Steel 

Strap: Adjustable Mesh Band 

Movement: Japanese quartz Seiko VJ20

Battery: Included

Waterproof: 5 ATM Our products never fade, tarnish or lose its colour, even when exposed to sweat and heat, in the shower, sea or pool . So live your adventure! 

Warranty: 24 months

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