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Dream Bracelet

  • € 39.99


Oro rosa: Acciaio inossidabile 316L placcato in oro rosa 18K

Oro: Acciaio inossidabile 316L placcato in oro 18K

Argento: Acciaio inossidabile 316L

Diametro: 16 cm (regolabile)



– 1/2 giorni lavorativi per l’Italia, 3/4 giorni lavorativi per isole e zone poco servite;

– 3/5 giorni lavorativi per l’Europa;

– 10 giorni lavorativi per il resto del mondo.


Rose Gold: 316L stainless steel 18k rose gold plated
Gold: 316L stainless steel plated with 18k gold
Silver: 316L stainless steel

WATERPROOF Our products never fade,
tarnish or lose its colour, even when exposed to sweat and heat, in the
shower, sea or pool . So live your adventure! 


Leght: 16cm adjustable


Italian Delivery  (GLS, FEDEX or DHL Express)

- Standard Delivery (1-5 Working Days)
- Express Delivery (1-2 Working Days)

USA Delivery (DHL Express)

- Express Delivery (1-3 Working Days)

European Delivery  (GLS, FEDEX or DHL Express)

- Standard Delivery (1-5 Working Days)
- Express Delivery (1-2 Working Days)

Canada Delivery (DHL Express) 

- Express Delivery (1-3 Working Days)

Rest of the world 🌍 (GLS, DHL Express)

- Standard Shipping (5-8 Working Days)
- Priority Shipping (2-5 Working Days)

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We offer secure online payments and all shipments are traceable, depart from Italy and arrive all over the world.

The couriers we use are GLS, FEDEX or DHL EXPRESS.

You can pay with rechargeable cards or credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express, Paypal.

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