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Zodiacal Guide to Christmas Gifts 2022 - WOODSTOCK ZAMBON

Zodiacal Guide to Christmas Gifts 2022

The most magical time of the year has arrived: prosecco and panettone, family reunion, warmth of the hugs of closest friends, magic lights everywhere and ... the rush for Christmas gifts!
For some it can be the best thing for others a real nightmare!
But do not worry for those who like me have made Christmas a mission of their life, I will help you with this guide full of original gift ideas that are perfect for you but above all for the people you love !!
The instructions will be clear so it will be impossible to go wrong!
Check all the zodiac signs and match the perfect gift that comes closest to the character of the person who will receive it!
All gifts will have a sustainable and plastic free packaging so they will be doubly appreciated!



Aries: free and adventurous souls their greatest qualities are energy and optimism. The perfect gift is the bracelet with the world to be engraved with the coordinates of the place where they went crazy together with the Sunset watch!

Taurus: tenacity and stubbornness are their best qualities. They always manage to reach their goal and ambition always takes them far. The perfect gift is the Sunset Luxury Set with their motto engraved on the back.

Gemini: cheerful, spontaneous and unique! They are always original and always find a way to stay one step ahead of others. The perfect gift is something as unique as the Map Of The World set:

Cancer: they are noble souls, kind and with a great intelligence. They are very close to the family and can sometimes be meteoropathic. The perfect gift is something that skyrockets like our galaxy set:



Leo: expansive and extrovert who is born under this sign is extremely fascinating and lives life, passion and energy. The perfect gift is the Sunset Wanderlust Time set with a memorable phrase engraved on it.

Virgo: precise and careful nothing escapes the attention of this sign, very intelligent and perfectionists. The perfect gift is the Sahara Set with an important date engraved.

Libra: sociable, balanced and know how to adapt to any situation. They love to keep fit and spend a lot of time looking after themselves. The perfect gift is the Sunset Custom Bangle with a personalized bracelet that always reminds her how sexy she is!

Scorpio: they have a strong and mysterious character. Their intuition is never wrong and with tenacity they pursue their dreams! The perfect gift is the Sahara Luxury Set engraved with their favorite motivational phrase. 



Sagittarius - loyal, adventurous and full of courage people! They have a lot of positive energy and with them nothing can go wrong! The perfect gift is the Sea Water Harmony Set engraved with the coordinates of their next trip! 

Capricorn: very cautious and thoughtful. They are a bit wary so they choose their friends very carefully but those who have don't pass a day without having fun. The perfect gift is the Aurora Gipsy Set! 

Aquarius: original, wild and great dreamer! They need extreme freedom. They love art and the sea! The perfect gift is Abalone Set!

Pisces: fantasy and dreams fill the days of our pisces friends. Full of dreams and lightness. They know how to be attentive listeners and are very sensitive. The perfect gift is the Real Abalone Gipsy Superset!