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Gift Guide 2022 - WOODSTOCK ZAMBON

Gift Guide 2022

It is never too early to think about Christmas gifts! How can you succeed in fulfilling the wishes of your loved ones? Obviously starting on time! To help you find the perfect gifts for those you love, we have created our gift guides: collections of original gift ideas designed for all budgets. Perfect tips for pampering family and friends. Proposals for special gifts perfect to make everyone's heart beat faster and give us a perfect and magical Christmas day!
The goal of this Christmas? It's about making the eyes of the people you love shine with happiness.

 2022 gifts under € 50
Who said that you have to spend a lot to make an important gift? Giving something meaningful can make any occasion unforgettable. Engraved bracelets and necklaces have never been so popular, with a small expense you can have your perfect gift. You can engrave an important date, a motivational phrase, the coordinates of a special place or a word or phrase of which only you know the meaning! What is certain is that this gift will remain forever in the heart of your special person and will make this Christmas unforgettable.
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2022 gifts under € 130
The most precious gift you can get from the people you love is their time. A watch is one of the most meaningful gifts to give, it becomes even more perfect if it is engraved and personalized! Memorable coordinates or phrases will make your gift priceless and unique! The engraving made in our laboratory in Italy is made with great care and quality, this makes your gift a true timeless masterpiece.
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2022 gifts under € 200
Precious and timeless gifts. Choose the perfect set for you and your great love or important sets for a guaranteed WOW effect! Even for these gifts, the watchword is to be unforgettable: therefore the engraving always plays as a protagonist to really give something magical!
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