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About Us

In the picturesque town of Sarcedo, Italy, Woodstock Zambon has blossomed from its humble beginnings into a global phenomenon. Founded by two young visionaries, Matteo and Valentina, with a shared passion for fashion and adventure, the brand has become synonymous with creativity, style, and innovation.

From its inception as a vintage clothing store in 2013, Woodstock Zambon has undergone a remarkable transformation. With an unwavering commitment to quality and a keen eye for design, Matteo and Valentina expanded their offerings to include accessories and watches that captured the essence of their travels.

Today, Woodstock Zambon's products are sought after by fashion enthusiasts worldwide, with a presence in markets spanning the globe. Collaborations with national and international bloggers have helped to elevate the brand's profile, while features in local and international publications, including the esteemed Glamour Italia, have cemented its status as a trendsetter in the fashion industry.

As Woodstock Zambon continues to push the boundaries of innovation, the brand has garnered recognition for its ingenuity and creativity. Nominated for the prestigious award for the most innovative young Italian companies of 2017, the team remains hopeful for the future and is grateful for the support of its loyal customers and fans.

In the words of Vogue Accessory, "Woodstock Zambon offers a line of youthful, affordable, and fun watches, with uniquely diverse designs on the dials."