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Top Low-Cost Travel Destination in Europe (Summer 2023) - WOODSTOCK ZAMBON

Top Low-Cost Travel Destination in Europe (Summer 2023)

Europe is home to many sought-after travel destinations. With its exciting capitals, culture-rich countries, and beautiful natural features, the “old world” has a lot to offer! Keep reading to learn more about some of Europe's top low-cost travel destinations for the summer of 2023.












Croatia is becoming one of Europe’s best destinations regarding “cost vs. quality.” The country is notable for its similarity to Italy in terms of architecture, cuisine, and the seaside. However, it is decidedly less crowded and more accessible for tourists on a small budget. From remarkable well-preserved villages dating back to the middle ages to romantic coastal sceneries, this place is an absolute stunner.






Naples, Italy







Many people dream of visiting Italy. However, mainstream destinations like Rome or Venice are often overcrowded and prohibitively expensive. In the same way, iconic summer destinations such as Sicily or Sardinia are also incredibly pricey. Thankfully, the “Booth” has many other options. Naples is a city that has long been plagued by a questionable reputation. However, in recent years, it has become a very popular and exciting tourist destination, which is still a lot more affordable than other comparable cities in Italy. The town is a major cultural and artistic hub. It is also home to one of the best food scenes in Europe. Luxurious destinations such as Amalfi Coast and Capri are about 1 hour away. While those summer hotspots are quite pricey, it is possible to use Naples as a home base and take day trips to those areas to save some cash.






Costa del Sol, Spain






Costa del Sol is charming and beautiful but a bit more laid-back than other costly coastal areas of Spain. This makes it an ideal destination for tourists on a small budget! The biggest “selling point” of Costa del Sol is the stunning seaside. The crystal-clear waters are mesmerizing, and the sunny weather will provide an amazing summer experience.












Malta used to be kind of a “best-kept secret.” Still, the genie is out of the bottle now! Many tourists have become hip to the fact that the island offers some incredible amenities at a fraction of the price you would expect from other major Mediterranean hubs, such as Sicily, Sardinia, or Palma De Mallorca. While Malta is significantly more affordable, it offers so much in terms of the amazing seaside, beautiful natural beaches, rich history, and amazing food. In addition, the island comes alive every summer. There are plenty of activities and events for people who love to socialize and experience some nightlife.






Sunny Beach, Bulgaria






This little-known destination has quickly developed a unique reputation, especially among younger travelers looking for a place to party and enjoy some time at the beach without spending a fortune. Often described as a “Low-Cost Ibiza,” this Bulgarian destination attracts an international crowd of party-goers and generally younger demographics looking for an ultimate summer adventure. Besides the beach and the nightlife, visitors can enjoy some more secluded and relaxing coastal areas, including smaller nearby towns and beaches where they can dive deeper into local lore, cuisine, and more.






In conclusion, these are only some of the many amazing affordable options for summer vacationing in Europe. If you’re looking for an amazing time without breaking the bank, this is the way to go! For an even better time on your summer vacation, don’t forget to check out some amazing waterproof jewelry and watches from Woodstock Zambon! These custom pieces are perfect for people looking for uncompromising style, quality, and durability. In addition, the travel themes are gorgeous!






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