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About Us


Woodstock Zambon is a company founded in the ’40s as a furniture company that has expanded a few years immersed in the world of fashion and accessories. This important decision will lead to the choice of a new name, Woodstock, which represents the right combination of old and new, past and future. “Wood” wants to recall the origins of the activity, the furniture factory from where this new and stimulating adventure started. Woodstock represents the generational change, the evolution and the transformation from a small activity, to an exporting company.


Together with a new name, the new product is born: the Woodstock Watches; watches from the Vintage line, captivating and original that have immediately made a trend. Our watches are designed to express ourselves and our dreams, passions and emotions that make each of us unique and special. For each model the strap is interchangeable, so you can make it even more personal. It is suitable for every occasions, perfect both in formal circumstances, for hanging out with friends or for a day at the beach. An accessory created by young people for young people!


Woodstock is an activity on top of what’s current, very active on the web and with a growing number of followers. Immediately our watches had a great success and became, in a couple of years, a must have for all young people. Sales on the web allowed us to make the brand well known also outside the national borders, exporting the Woodstock style all over the world. If you want to take a look at our world, come and visit us in our Store in Sarcedo (VI), via 2 Giugno 36: we are waiting for you!


In addition to numerous collaborations with national and international bloggers, we attracted the interest, first, of several local newspapers and, then, of international magazines: not least the collaboration with Glamour Italia.

“Woodstock Zambon, a line of young, low-cost, fun watches with ever-changing graphics in the dials”

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